Autographed Lineman Handset by Capt Crunch

I made this scan after I went raving with Crunchman (former Captain Crunch the Phone Phreaker, now Crunchman the Raver) one week in Atlanta, where he was interviewing (which I went to and was amused by, considering they didn't interview me and I had done a few things even more notorious than John in my day, only never gotten caught) for a spot on hackers "Hackers Crackers & Lamers".  I don't know if the show was ever finished.

I asked Crunchman to sign a telephone handset for me, which you can see here. 

I later built two computers "Thunder and Lightning" and shipped them to Crunchman to use as webservers... when Crunchman lost his DSL link they went offline.    I now host my websites on a shared server.

Throw some junk on the scanner!

* Screws, the bane of every barefoot computer technitian.
* Mark's biz card (1001!)
* Aligator clips (ring and tip)
* A 30 pin SIPP woo
* Jennifers business card
* Mark's beige box (telephone lineman's handset), autographed by John.
* Old biz card
* CDrom cable, (more cables!)
* Ethernet card
* Neat little car
* Mark's hex tool telephone booth wrench
* Mark's ever present in the backpocket Philips Screwdriver
* John's Biz card

Background: copy of EZL manual